I started a few blogs recently to rant and rave about things that were in my personal life a short time back and then I realised the more that I wrote the more it did not sound like the real me, that is the authentic person. I was carefully writing down my thoughts onto WordPress and as I did I noticed error on error in my sentences and I was going over them with a fine tooth comb weeding out things that I felt were unnecessary or things that just were too personal for the screen. Although I may use some of my life experiences in this blog, ideally I would like to create it as an out for everyone that stops by. I have a blog on here that I created with reviews just after I finished my degree and although I have not added to it for some time I know I will come back to it at a later stage. Essentially I am trying to find my inner voice online and share with others around the world subjects that have touched me in some way or rather. My ranting and raving page had me almost in tears awhile back as I spoke about a neighbour that was stalking me and the effects I had from it.

So with this blog I will just write and see where this leads me, it will be tweaked a bit I am sure and fined tuned a little. But right now I just want to focus on writing whatever comes out of this head of mine and take it to wherever it may go so forgive me in advance if something does not sound right and forgive me if I do not edit it. I just want to write and  get whatever message I have to say out and to the world.



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